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AKIARA     Books shining with their own light


AKIARA was born in Barcelona in February 2018. Our name “AKIARA” plays with the expression ‘here and now’ (‘aquí i ara’ in Catalan), and with the Japanese name Akira 明, meaning ‘bright’.

We publish beautifully illustrated books, working from scratch with the authors and illustrators.

Our books, through inspiring texts and illustrations, aim to kindle a sense of wonder in children and teenagers. Our topics include nature and ecology; justice and human rights; mind, body and spirit, and tales of wisdom from other cultures. We work with sustainability criteria, minimizing the environmental impact.

All of our books are published simultaneously in Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese. They have received many international awards and have been already translated into 20 languages.

Our catalogue includes classic album format (AKIALBUM), specially printed poetry books for children (AKIPOETA), fiction books for teenagers  (AKINARRA), inspirational speeches for teenagers and young adults (AKIPARLA), non-fiction books about the wonders of the world (AKIWOW), silent books for the little ones (AKIMIRA), and real-life stories for teenagers and young adults (AKIVIDA).

We invite you to discover our newest catalog!

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  • Forced to Leave. Six real-life stories of migrant people.

    This illustrated book shows six stories from real life, six journeys full of difficulties and challenges. Six migrants, three women and three men, tell us about their lives before leaving; why they had to leave, how they managed to complete their journey, and how they live nowadays in their new country. These are stories of self-improvement, but also of pain, loneliness, hospitality, and integration. Stories that, despite everything, end well. These real-life accounts invite us to change our perspective, and to give a name and a face to the experience of so many people who are forced to risk their lives in the search for a more promising future.
    All rights available
  • The Garden You Leave In

    Women are the true gardeners. They are the caretakers of their own beautiful teeming gardens, of bits of nature nearby seeded with life and poetry. THE GARDEN YOU LIVE IN is an intimate and feminine collection of poems running through the entire life of a woman through the metaphor of the garden.
    All rights available
  • The Song of Knock, The Bird

    He likes wood. And likes to fly. But Knock, the bird lives locked up in a metal cage. This is the story of Knock, the bird, poetic lines about freedom and its spreading power.
    All rights available
  • A Boy on the Beach

    Two boys meet on the beach, by the Strait of Gibraltar. One is the son of a local fisherman. The other is Kai, bright-eyed, curious, and just arrived from a faraway country: Japan. Two cultures meet through their friendship. They share games and ways from Andalusia and Japan, without realizing how this will mark their lives forever. An ode to friendship and diversity, simple and profound, with autobiographical elements, joining the luminosity of the Mediterranean with the delicate balance of Japanese aesthetics.
    All rights available
  • Let's Go to the Beach

    A book without words. Seven friends go to the beach. They get bicycles, backpacks, and towels ready. They cross a pine forest, a wetland, a sandy area. They play, fish, enjoy the sun. There is a child who does not appear. A little journey with a happy ending.
    All rights available
  • Verbena and Hummingbird

    Every day, Verbena and Hummingbird meet for a few moments. They share conversation, friendship and what they see in the world. Their views seem opposite, but in reality they complement each other. From the creators of Why do we cry? and Why are we afraid? comes a new story about motion and stillness, doing and not doing, observation and acceptance.
    Rights sold in PORTUGUESE (for Brazil)
  • With your Hands

    Grandma talks to her granddaughter about the hands, which are the antennae of the soul, and invites her to move them creatively. Through the creative movement of our hands we can transform pain, express our intuitions, accompany thoughts and emotions, and reach the deepest, truest and wisest part of ourselves.
    All rights available
  • Rediscovering the World

    Science, philosophy and all creative activity are born from the sense of wonder before the world. Leonardo da Vinci praised the «wonderful works of nature». The more in-depth science explores the processes of nature, the more we discover prodigies that we can’t explain and that trigger a sense of wonder. We offer you a display of the wonders of the worlds of birds, mammals, insects, fish, plants, forests, ecosystems and the microscopic forms that nature endlessly creates.
    All rights available
  • Sometimes the Forest...

    Sometimes the forest sings —and the forest is a song. Sometimes the forest sleeps. Sometimes the forest dreams of fire, or comes up with rain and umbrellas. Sometimes it jokes. Sometimes it imagines you are a giant. A book to be read in the bark of trees and in the mysteries of your way of looking.
    All rights available
  • Thank you, Mother Earth!

    The Thanksgiving Address of the Haudenosaunee is much more than a poem, a speech, or a prayer: it is a great song of greeting and gratitude for all living beings. It has been recited collectively in the morning over centuries, in a territory that embraces part of the United States and Canada. It is also an inventory of the natural world, in which each element of the ecosystem is given thanks for its contribution to the prodigy of life. We must pay special attention to the original format.
    All rights available
  • Haiku Time

    Haikus are short poems, of only three lines, that originated in Japan. They help us to feel the plenitude of the moment and to discover the beauty of details. We invite you to immerse yourself in nature through the rhythm of the four seasons.
    All rights available
  • A Farm House

    A farmhouse. Chickens, spiders, owls, magpies, geese... And two dogs. And seven cousins building days and nests, incubating eggs, playing, experimenting, observing, discovering, awakening to the world, feeling the wonder.
    All rights available
  • Let’s Play Hide and Seek

    A wordless book. A popular game. Seven friends in the forest. One thousand corners to explore. Meanwhile, it gets dark. A kid doesn’t turn up. A little adventure with a happy ending.
    All rights available
  • Why Do We Cry?

    "Why do we cry?", Mario asks his Mum, and she begins to tell him about the many reasons for our tears. We cry because our sadness must escape from our bodies. We cry because we don’t understand the world, and our tears go in search of an answer. Sometimes we cry because we feel like crying. This sensitive and poetic picture book reminds us that tears water us and that everyone is allowed to cry.
    Rights sold in ENGLISH (for North America), FRENCH (for North America and France), ITALIAN, GREEK, POLISH, RUSSIAN, DANISH, PORTUGUESE (for Brazil), GERMAN, TURKISH, JAPANESE, SERBIAN and KOREAN
  • Why Are We Afraid?

    “Dad, have you ever been afraid?”, says Max. And his dad tells him about shadows, mazes, blows, dreams, and armors. A beautiful and inspiring picture book reminding us that fear has always been part of life and needs to be expressed. It keep us alert and allows us to get to unexplored places in ourselves.
    Rights sold in ENGLISH (for North America), FRENCH (for North America), ITALIAN, GREEK, POLISH, RUSSIAN, DANISH, PORTUGUESE (for Brazil), GERMAN, JAPANESE
  • Lines of Dreams

    The camp we’ve been brought to is like a big city of tents. Everything is far away, there are many people everywhere and you always have to wait in a very long queue. Dad doesn’t know, but what I really, really dream about, is a queue tha takes us back home. A story about the refugee crisis through the eyes of a child.
    Rights sold in GERMAN, KOREAN, and PORTUGUESE (for Brazil)
  • Breathe

    "Mum, I can’t sleep tonight. I am nervous and so many thoughts are going through my mind.” “Let me show you how to breathe…” A beautifully illustrated picture book that will enable children to overcome their anxieties through playful breathing, stretching and relaxation excercises they can relate to.
  • Tancho

    With the first snows, the cranes were arriving to the wetlands of the island of Hokkaido, in Japan. Since his childhood, Tancho always watched from his window the special dance they performed. But one winter only a couple appeared... Inspired by a true story, this book invites us to live in deep harmony with the animal world.
    Rights sold in FRENCH, and ITALIAN
  • BirdHeart

    Nana was born on an island, by the sea, and she kept asking questions that no one could answer. Her eyes were seeing further. She had to write it all down, so that it wouldn’t slip away like sand through her fingers. A wonderful tale about the birth of poetry and love.
    Rights sold in KOREAN, and POLISH
  • Under the Stones

    When you stop to look at nature, you see it brimming with liveliness, sometimes moving fast like lightining, sometimes at an incredibly slow pace. An ode to the charm of small details and the wonders of nature.
    All rights available
  • A Little Seed

    Seed that will be tree, tree that will drop seeds. Each page of this book is a story about the fertility of the earth and the miracle of life. You can start wherever you want, above or below the earth's surface, to flow with the amazing cycles of nature.
    Rights sold in CHINESE SIMPLIFIED
  • The Beach of the Useless

    ‘My name is Sofia. I am 11 years old and when I grow up, I want to be useless’. So begins the innocent, impromptu, profound and moving story of a little girl who loved to play on the beach in winter, who preferred Mozart and Kandinski to mathematics and who couldn’t bear her father telling her that, one day, she will have to ‘earn a living’. In praise of uselessness in a technological, cold and hasty society.
    Rights sold in PORTUGUESE (for Brazil), and TURKISH
  • The Condor's Grandson. From the Andes to Barcelona

    A ten-year-old boy arrives on his own to Barcelona, where his mother works. But there has been a misunderstanding. Days go by and he can’t find her. He realizes that he has no other home than a bench in a square. This is a story filled with the contrasts between life in an Andean village and the fast pace of a European city, between the expectations of a child and the harshness of the streets, between kindness and distance, between fear and celebration. A tribute to the many hidden stories of immigration and arrival.
    All rights available
  • The Big Jump

    Babu was a little boy with big eyes, a lost kid in a world too big. One day the circus arrived and Romina invited him to express his creativity. A story about overcoming sadness and challenges through the power of laughter and creativity.
    All rights available
  • To the Other Side

    Juan José today can't do anything because the cable of the zip-line cable has broken, the zip-line he used to jump on every day to go to school, across the river, since the bridge was carried away by a flood. Juan José closes his eyes but remains awake, because he wants to dream. He is keen on daydreaming, so that the dreams can be chosen by him rather than by fear or by the night. Inspired by a true story from Venezuela, this book is an invitation to think about wealth and poverty, mockery and self-improvement, daydreaming and celebration.
    All rights available
  • The Drop of Water

    What happens to the drop of water when it falls into the ocean? The drop disappears. But what am I, the drop of water or the water in the drop? Nothing happens to the water. Death won´t be different from life. An adaptation of a text from Raimon Panikkar, this beautiful book explains death to children, in a serene and natural way, in the year of the 100th Anniversary of the philosopher’s birth.
    Rights sold in GERMAN, PORTUGUESE (for Brazil), LITHUANIAN, and KOREAN
  • Clouds in the Head

    “They say we don’t keep our feet on the ground. They say I have my head in the clouds and that Grandma has clouds in her head.” A caring book about Alzheimer’s Disease in the elderly, as seen by the eyes of her grandchild.
    Rights sold in LITHUANIAN
  • In the Dark

    The sudden arrival of the travelling circus was greeted with enthusiasm by everyone. They were keeping in secret a mysterious animal from India. What did it look like? A new version of the old Eastern story about the blind men and the elephant, inviting us to reflect on our partial view of things.
    All rights available
  • Frederick Douglass: Must I Argue the Wrongfulness of Slavery?

    On the occasion of the 4th of July, Independence Day of the United States, the former slave Frederick Douglass is invited to give a speech. His tone is intelligent and cultivated; his oratory is brilliant. Douglass formulates questions of great rhetorical power, often ironic. Why has he been chosen to speak at the independence feast of the whites? Must one argue that a slave is a human being? Using specific examples and moving descriptions, Douglass reveals the hypocrisy of his fellow citizens and the horror of slavery in one of the most famous speeches in American history, that is recited every year in public events.
    All rights available
  • Jane Goodall: Learning from the Chimpanzees

    Renowned primatologist Jane Goodall explains her passion for Africa, her first contact with chimpanzees and her relationship with them, which has transformed our own view of the human species. Besides her work as a researcher, Jane Goodall is a great activist championing social and ecological values. Given the destruction of habitats that many species are suffering, Goodall argues that conservation has to be understood in a holistic way, involving the full participation of the local people.
    All rights available
  • Malala Yousafzai: My Story is the Story of Many Girls

    When Malala Yousafzai was fifteen, she was attacked by the Taliban for defending the right of girls to have an education. She survived multiple surgeries and has become an icon for human rights and particularly for the right to an education. She is the youngest person ever to have been awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize. In her acceptance speech, delivered in Oslo in 2014, Malala explains her story, which is also the story of milions of girls living in situations of discrimination or conflict.
    Rights sold in ENGLISH (for North America)
  • Si'ahl / Ted Perry: Every Part of this Earth is Sacred to my People

    In 1854, a well-respected indigenous leader, chief Si’ahl (more often spelled 'Seattle'), made an eloquent speech explaining that land cannot be sold. Since the 19th century, there have been many attemps to reconstruct the lost words of Si’ahl. Carefully avoiding the problems of previous editions, From what we can gather today, we present the most reliable version of his speech, with an essay highlighting the relevance of its ecological and spiritual approach for today's predicament.
    All rights available
  • Severn Cullis-Suzuki: Make your Actions Reflect your Words

    In 1854, a well-respected indigenous leader, chief Si’ahl (more often spelled 'Seattle'), made an eloquent speech explaining that land cannot be sold. Since the 19th century, there have been many attemps to reconstruct the lost words of Si’ahl. Carefully avoiding the problems of previous editions, From what we can gather today, we present the most reliable version of his speech, with an essay highlighting the relevance of its ecological and spiritual approach for today's predicament.
    Rights sold in ENGLISH (for North America), and PORTUGUESE (for Brazil)
  • José Mujica: I am from the South, I come from the South. Where the Atlantic meets the River Plate

    José Mujica, at the time president of Uruguay, gave this speech at the General Assembly of the UN in 2013. With powerful and compelling images, he criticizes the absurdities of today’s economy, of world inequalities, and of the empty lifestyles generated by consummerism, making at the same time a powerful plea for the joy and the freedom of simpler lifestyles.
    All rights available
  • Wangari Maathai: Plant Trees, Sow Ideas

    In 2004 Wangari Maathai was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize for having led the Green Belt Movement, planting tens of milions of trees in Kenya while at the same time transforming the social landscape of the country. We offer her famous speech in a bilingual edition, with two-color illustrations and an in-depth commentary on its key issues.
    Rights sold in ENGLISH (for North America)
  • Steve Jobs: Have the Courage to Follow Your Intuition

    In 2005 Steve Jobs delivered the Commencement Address at Stanford University, summarizing his life journey and encouraging every student and every person to follow his or her own heart and intuition. We offer his famous speech in a bilingual edition, with two-color illustrations and an in-depth commentary on its key issues.
    Rights sold in DANISH
  • Yoga

    Can you do many things at once? It’s not so hard... Well, many, many years ago, in India, some men realized that doing many things at once was fairly easy but they wondered what would happen if they only did one thing, the simplest, the most natural one of all: breathing… A beautiful introductory book to Yoga.
    Rights sold in ENGLISH (for North America), GERMAN, ITALIAN, and UKRAINIAN
  • The Tightrope Walker

    Life is like a thread we walk on every day, taking one step after the other, climbing high and going down, facing the rain and the storms, getting lost and crossing the path of people putting us in the right direction… making each one of us a tightrope walker in our own way.
  • Are You Raining or Shining?

    Look above you. Is it raining or shining? Look inside you. Are you raining or shining? Now look at this story and you will see how everything we do has an impact on someone. You can now tell this secret to everyone. But be careful, because you choose... Are you raining or shining?
    Rights sold in TURKISH
  • The Sixth Sense

    Next to the five senses, we must have another one that enables us to see, listen, smell, taste and feel what we can not see with our eyes, our ears, our nose, our mouth or with the touch: the sixth sense. A beautifully illustrated book about listening to what we feel inside, intuition and sensitivity.
    Rights sold in FRENCH
  • Parco

    Parco decides to come back to this world to say goodbye, another time, to his wife, children, friends... A beautiful and humorous picture book about the passing away of our dear ones and how much we miss them.
    Rights sold in RUSSIAN
  • Tao. Fragments of Master Laozi’s Philosophy

    How to introduce children to the philosophy of taoism? Trough selected extracts of the Tao Te Ching, talking about rivers, houses or trees, they will come to discover how to think about life in a diferent way.
    Rights sold in FRENCH
  • Coming and Going Day

    For thousands of years people had been Nomads, following the rhythms of the earth, the passage of the sun and the dance of time. Now, however, they have houses and barely move. But, each year, they keep on honoring their wandering roots in a communal Coming and Going Day.
    Rights sold in PORTUGUESE (for Brazil)
  • The Gentile and the Three Wise Men

    Once upon a time there was a gentile, that is, a man who wasn’t practicing any religion. His way crossed the one of three wise men, a Jew, a Christian and a Muslim. As each of the three men tried to convince him his faith was the real one, they came to realize this encounter was a chance to unite rather than to divide.
    Rights sold in FRENCH, and ITALIAN
  • Nasrudin's Stories

    Nasrudin is a wise man who will disconcert young readers and adults alike with his spontaneity and unhibitions, so similar to those of children. His stories go much further than conventional jokes, they are an example of the transforming power of humor!
    Rights sold in PERSIAN
  • Where is the Moon?

    One night, before going to bed, Pablo looks attentively at the moon for the first time. He finds it so beautiful, magical, big and shiny. But a few days later he realises it’s getting smaller and smaller…until it disappears completely. Where is it gone? Can his friends help him solve the mystery?
    Rights sold in KOREAN, and CHINESE SIMPLIFIED
  • Where Do Ideas Come From?

    On a rainy day, Julia and her friends are busy drawing but Julia struggles to find inspiration. Luke knows exactly what to do and brings them to the garden, where lives the Genie of Ideas, inside a tree with a very large hole. A story about inspiration, creativity and the birth of ideas.
    Rights sold in KOREAN
  • I Have a Toy Tank

    I have a toy tank and tin soldiers, and every time I played, I killed a couple of them. Until one day I saw on TV soldiers crushed by tanks. Everything was full of blood! From then on, I started to have nightmares and decided to give a new life to my little toy soldiers, turning them into farmers. The tank became a wheelbarrow, and the battlefield is now a farm in nature. I can sleep well again! A beautifully illustrated poem, that makes us reflect on the banalization of war in today’s world.
    All rights available
  • Sailor on Land

    It’s John’s first summer in the mountains, alone with his grandmother, after having lived all his life on a sailing boat with his parents. He will discover the value of soil and come to appreciate it as he did the sea. With summer and the imminent beginning of high school, it will also be time for him to take the path from childhood to adulthood. He confides in the logbook his mum gave him before leaving to help refugees and shares there all his new feelings and experiences.
    All rights available
  • The Two Wolves

    Each one of us has a good and a bad wolf inside, explains an Indian legend. “Which one of them will win?”, asks a little Indian girl to her grandfather… His answer results brief and surprising.
    All rights available
  • The Awakening Of The Tree

    A small tree wakes up after a long winter, barely able to see. As it grows, it is going to experiment the seasons and the interaction with the other trees, animals and humans.
    All rights available
  • The Path

    An entertaining poem dedicated to the art of walking, filled with disconcerting questions. Yara Kono’s illustrations play with words and take every page apart to bring reflection. Even though we don’t always know where we are going, walking is always a pleasure. Amongst many and varied ones, there is a path that is or will be ours. To find it, we will need attention and patience.
    All rights available
  • My Pirate Grandpa

    Every sunday, grandpa was telling stories to his grandkids, sitting on the bench of the park next to their home. Pirates stories or childhood memories that came to his mind or from his own story. Until, one day, he was taken to the hospital and everything changed...
    All rights available
  • The Feather

    A feather breaks away from a pigeon and falls into a bush. When a mother finds it, she gives it a new life.
    All rights available
  • Haru's School

    Follow the five years apprenticeship of four students and their master Haru in a Dojo, through nine episodes focusing on Oriental disciplines such as origami, callygraphy, taichi, meditation, gardening, cleaning, playing, silence or archery.
    All rights available
  • Jatakas. Six Buddhist Tales

    A long, long time ago, some very peculiar animals with magic powers were born in Southeast Asia. They say that everywhere they went, they transformed shadows into light. Six beautifully illustrated Jatakas, old tales in which Budha and his disciples transmit love and respect towards their surroundings and others.
    All rights available
  • The Song of Silence

    “Where do the stars hide when the day comes?” asks a little boy to his mum. “What if we asked this to the silence?” she replies. In a sensitive and poetical text, reminiscent of Haikus, Nina da Lua takes us on a journey through pain, separation, friendship, dreams, hope… silent situations in which stars hide.
    All rights available
  • Your Song

    There is a legend that says that in an African tribe, when a woman discovers she is expecting, she rushes to tell the others. A few days later, at sunrise, they all get into the jungle to uncover, together, the song of the new child, the one they believe will accompany him his own life.
    All rights available
  • Dripperlipper

    Dripperlipper is an unlucky boy. He has one distracted and one surprised eye and always walks around with an open mouth and his shirt soaked with a trail of saliva falling down. Boney is a colourless scrwany fish that lives in the fishes’ stall of a travelling funfair. One day the funfair moves into Dripperlipper’s street…
    All rights available